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Icosa [Art creation toy] [WIP] [Updated]

ICOSA is a … thing. Maybe it is a game. It makes pictures.
I have been working on it off and on since about March— if you got my business cards at GDC, this is the program I made them in.

I'm now finally getting around to cleaning it up and releasing it. This is a PRERELEASE which I am looking for feedback on.

Could you give it a try?

ICOSA PRERELEASE 4 -- 2014-09-01
Mac version
Windows version
Source code
[Edit: You can play this with either mouse+keyboard or a gamepad. Unfortunately, because this was developed on a mac, the shoulder buttons break if you use an XBox 360 style Windows controller.]

Icosa is a video feedback toy. Imagine two mirrors facing each other, reflecting each other. Now imagine one mirror is shattered. That's this.