<<set $diddoor = true>>You fumble with the DOORKNOB. It seems to be locked. Your touch corrodes the DOORKNOB.\n\n[[Oh.|Main]]
<<if ($didfire and $didtable and $didbroom and $didchest and $diddoor) or ($fireheight gt 3)>><<display 'Success'>><<else>><<if $didfire>><<set $fireheight = $fireheight + 1>><<endif>>You are in a ROOM. <<if !$didfire>>You see by the light of a CANDLE which sits on a TABLE in front of you.<<else>><<if !$didtable>>In front of you is a TABLE, from which FLAMES rise.<<endif>><<endif>> To your left is a DOOR. To your right sits <<if !$didbroom>>a BROOM and<<endif>> a small BOX adorned with a LOCK.<<if $fireheight eq 2>>\n<html><br><br></html><<if $didtable>>FIRE<<else>>The FIRE<<endif>> has spread to the WALLS and FLOOR.\n<<else>><<if $fireheight eq 3>>\n<html><br><br></html>FIRE is creeping higher up the WALLS. It has reached the CEILING.\n<<else>><<if $fireheight eq 4>>\n<html><br><br></html>The entire ROOM is ablaze with FIRE now, covering nearly every SURFACE.\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\nWhat will you do?\n\n<<if !$didfire>>\n[[Pick up CANDLE.|Candle]]<html><br></html>\n<<endif>><<if !$didtable>>\n[[Pick up TABLE.|Table]]<html><br></html>\n<<endif>><<if !$didbroom>>\n[[Pick up BROOM.|Broom]]<html><br></html>\n<<endif>>[[Inspect BOX.|Chest]]\n[[Open DOOR.|Door]]\n<<endif>>
The FIRE <<if $fireheight lt 2>>spreads<<else>>has now spread<<endif>> to cover the entire ROOM, the WALLS and CEILING. You hear cracking and teetering above you. The CEILING caves in, onto you.\n\nYou of course are fireproof, and the DEBRIS either rolls off of your SURFACE or is absorbed into it. As the FIRE consumes the last of its FUEL, You see LIGHT shining down through the ruins of the BUILDING above you, and hewn STEPS leading up from where the door was.\n\nLooks like you're free to go.\n\n[[Oh.|Blank]]
<<set $didbroom = true>>You attempt to pick up the BROOM. Your acidic SURFACE dissolves it completely as soon as it is in your grasp.\n\n[[Oh.|Main]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $didfire = false>>\n<<set $didtable = false>>\n<<set $didbroom = false>>\n<<set $didchest = false>>\n<<set $diddoor = false>>\n<<set $fireheight = 0>>\n<<endsilently>><<display 'Room'>>
<<set $didchest = true>>You pick up the BOX. You try to open it, but it's locked tight. You shake the BOX experimentally, and hear a rattling inside. The KEY?\n\n[[Oh.|Main]]
Amorphous Blob Creature Adventure
<<set $didfire = true>>You reach out with a PSEUDOPOD. You try to pick up the CANDLEHOLDER, but instead knock it over.\n\nThe TABLE is now on FIRE.\n\n[[Oh.|Main]]
<<set $didtable = true>><<if $fireheight eq 0>><<set $fireheight = 1>><<endif>>You're not sure this makes sense, but you try to lift up the heavy TABLE. You raise one side of the TABLE a little, but the <<if $didfire>>FLAMING<<endif>> WOOD quickly dissolves as you touch it. What remains of the TABLE falls backward and is absorbed into your SURFACE.<<if !$didfire>>\n\n<html><br><br></html>Your efforts knock over the CANDLEHOLDER, onto the FLOOR. The FLOOR is now on FIRE.<<endif>><<set $didfire = true>>\n\n[[Oh.|Main]]
<<display 'Room'>>
by mcc